Prevention And Control Of Intentional Injuries

Intentional injuries are preventable and controllable, whether self-inflicted or caused by interpersonal violence. One can prevent intentional injuries by shunning violence and self-harm. What are the ways to prevent and control intentional injuries?

Intentional injuries are a preventable health problem. These injuries are not random or uncontrollable events. Rather, they are predictable and preventable incidences with identifiable causes.Intentional injuries are planned actions or something you do with the purpose of hurting yourself or others. Homicide and suicide are two of the most common intentional injuries.

Homicide, the premeditated killing of another person, is often motivated by a desire for vengeance against the victim. This can be averted through forgiveness, peace, and understanding. When someone has wronged you, stay calm and comfort yourself with the notion that justice due you will be forthcoming. It is

far better to settle things amicably, without resorting to violence.

Intentional injuries may be self-inflicted or caused by interpersonal violence. But they are preventable and controllable whatever type they are. Below is a list of intentional injuries, their causes, and the ways to prevent and control them.

The following lists enumerate the causes and methods of preventing suicide.

  • Cause – depression or other mental illness; alcohol or drug abuse; family history of suicide or violence; physical illness; loneliness; exposure to the suicidal behavior of others; stressful life event, loss, or grief
  • Prevention – knowledge of warning signs and ability to get help; identification of risk factors and increase of protective factors; healthy family relationships; family support; worthwhile activities like sports and crafts; healthy social
    relationships; open communication; education strategies for injury prevention.

Interpersonal violence takes the form of child maltreatment, abuse of elders, homicide, and even acts of terror. Some of the causes of and preventive measures against interpersonal violence are as flows.

  • Cause – physical or emotional abuse; sexual abuse or neglect; deep-seated prejudices; extreme anger; social alienation; desire for violent revenge; psychiatric illness; precipitating social stressors
  • Prevention – knowledge of appropriate parenting skills; education of parents about normal childhood behaviors; respect for elders, genuine love; enhanced social responsibility, psychiatric efforts, research, cultural consideration, media responsibility, morale boosters.

In my final analysis, the best way to prevent and control intentional injuries would be to shun violence and self-harm. Avoid suffering in silence; seek help from trusted individuals and health professionals. In the end, it is your personal choice to live your life to the fullest and prevent these negative behavior to foster on your mind and heart. Life is short and must be valued. There is only one life to live – the gift of life is one to be grateful for.

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