Getting Rid Of That Stinking, Foot Odor The Quickest Way (part 4)

Part 4 of the four-part article in getting rid of your stinking foot odor problem.

* And lastly, if you can keep away from wearing shoes, do it. If you can use sandals or sneakers while outside your home, then it will do much better than wearing shoes.

5.  Watch what you eat. Sometimes, the food we eat aggravates the problem of foot odor. That is; food with strong aroma can be passed through perspiration. As our foot perspires, so thus the aroma of the food stinks as it goes out to our body’s skin pores.

* Foods that cause body odors might also cause your foot odors. If you observed this, try not to eat foods

that are strongly-flavored with garlic, onions, peppers and others as they are passed through the bloodstream and excreted through the body during perspiration.

* Some people having foot odor problem is lacking the mineral zinc in their body. Try increasing the zinc intake on your diet and see if it helps with the problem. If not sure of this, you can visit your doctor and request that you undergo a test to determine if your zinc level is normal or not.

6. Observe your body’s other problems. Determine other causes of severe perspiration may give you idea on how to resolve. Able to reduce the root cause of your extreme perspiration can give you a clue on how to revolve your problem.

* If your

stress level is high, your body tends to sweat more. Therefore it is advisable to keep your nerves and body calm as possible. In this way, you are able to reduce your body’s perspiration, thus reducing the probably of foot odor.

* If you are working out extensively, your whole body perspire a lot, including your feet. You should always bring an extra pair of socks whenever you go to the gym.

7. Seek Medical help. If your condition doesn’t improve despite doing all the tips above, your foot odor problem might have other causes. It is advisable to consult the professionals (specifically a podiatrist to help you resolve your stinking foot.

* Depending on the cause, a doctor might prescribe you with medicines that will surely cure the problem. This medication might include the use of prescription drugs such as antibiotics. He may also advice some special diets that you can take to reduce odor.

* He can also suggest for a Botox and surgery as the last resort to your stinking and four foot problem. Surgery is being done by cutting the nerve on your foot that controls foot sweating.

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  • superdog  02-09-2014
    I think it was a good idea to mention how a person's diet can effect foot odor. From personal experience, as a result of spending a lot of time outdoors, I agree with the importance of letting your feet get exposed to air.
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  • Dr.Simran  01-09-2014
    Right said, wearing shoes not every time is best solution, but if you cannot do it every time, then try do it at least some time. And, when you wear shoes, then if possible, wear those which are good sweat absorbent and not the bad one. Right shoes and skipping wearing shoes few times a day will help you quite a lot in defeating foot odor.
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