Getting Rid Of That Stinking, Foot Odor The Quickest Way (part 3)

Part 3 of the four-part article in getting rid of your stinking foot odor problem.

* You can also use your arm pits deodorant on your foot. Body deodorant or antiperspirant products also works the same way on your foot. By preventing it to perspire, you also control the propagating of bacteria that causes foot odor. This might be a quick solution if you run out of benzoyl peroxide or foot powder or deodorizer.

* Do not let your shoes stink. There are also many forms of deodorizers that can be applied inside your shoes. The most common type is in powder form which can be easily applied inside your shoes.

* An alternative to shoe powder

deodorant is corn starch or baking soda. This is the least inexpensive product as you can find it in most kitchens.

4. Choosing the right feet accessories. Choosing your feet’s best friends such as the right socks, the right shoes and sneakers are essential in curing your stinky foot odor problem.

* The first on your list should be the use of the right socks. There are many socks brand that specifically designed and treat to keep your feet dry. Finding them is very easy; just ask a salesperson about them, and presto, you just make the first step in choosing the right socks for your smelly foot.

* If your use socks and shoes for the whole day, it

is advisable to take them off on a regular basis to let air dry any moisture trapped inside.

* Develop a habit of wearing socks for your shoes. Socks absorb the perspiration on your feet, while shoes do not. Therefore if you only wear shoes without socks, the perspiration has nowhere to go. This only aggravates a simple problem into a disaster.

* Choosing the correct shoes for your feet is also essential to revolve your foot odor. Invest in buying breathable shoes that does not hold moisture on your feet. Shoes such as this oftentimes have breathable holes that are designed to evaporate any perspiration and moisture on your foot.

* You can also invest in buying another set of shoes. This is because you’ll need to alternately use them every day. If you already had this condition, it is advisable that you never use the same shoes two days in a row. Shoes that were used should have enough time to dry out the moisture it receives from your foot’s perspiration. And if possible it is recommended that the shoes be dried out in sunshine as it kills the bacteria that thrive on them.

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  • Dr.Simran  01-09-2014
    Right said, it is very important to use right foot accessorizes, if you do not want to suffer from foot odor problem. To tackle the above problem, first of all buy right socks, which can absorb moisture. And, among best sweat absorbing socks comes cotton socks, which can absorb the excess sweat properly. As, cotton socks absorb good amount of excess sweat, that does not mean that you do not wash your socks or foot. Do maintain proper hygiene of your socks as well as of your feet, if you do not want to suffer from foot odor problem.
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