Getting Rid Of That Stinking, Foot Odor The Quickest Way (part 2)

Part 2 of the four-part article in getting rid of your stinking foot odor problem.

* Wash your feet several times a day. This reduces the possibility for bacteria to multiply quickly. Developing this habit will not only give you good hygiene but also helps your foot recover from this problem.

* After washing, be sure that you properly dried out feet before putting socks or shoes on them. A wet foot is a giveaway treat for the bacteria to instantly kick-start their days work – multiplying.

2. Alternative solution other than soaps. Aside from soaps, you can find some homemade alternatives to use during washing. Some of them are actually just lying on your kitchen.

* Each

morning, before taking a bath, prepare a salt solution by taking at least five tablespoons of salt mixed in a one liter basin of water. After washing or taking a bath, soak your feet into the basin of salt solution for five to ten minutes. Do not rinse it with tap water, but instead just dry it off with a towel. Just like the salty sea, the salt has a drying effect on your feet’s skin by closing the pores preventing it from perspiring.

* Use vinegar to soak your feet at least one or twice a week. Vinegar also stinks but it is not as bad as a stinking foot. You can

do this before going to bed for a better effect. After soaking and drying, you can put on a sock and let it do its job overnight. The acid property in the vinegar helps in killing the bacteria thus reducing the smell later on.  

* Wash your feet with tea. An alternative to vinegar is the use of green tea or black tea.

3. Over-the-counter remedies. There are many brands of over-the counter foot odor remedies out there. You can try several of them to keep your foot dry and possibly cure your stinking problem. Some of them are as follows:

* The most common antidote for foot odor is the use of benzoyl peroxide gel on a daily basis. Benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria that causes foot odor. By applying it after washing your foot can greatly reduce the odor in several days or weeks.

* Apply a foot powder or deodorizer might also effective on your foot odor. Foot powder and deodorizer works like body deodorant by preventing or closing your foot’s skin pores, thus preventing it from perspiring. It also contains benzoyl peroxide which helps a lot.

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  • Dr.Simran  01-09-2014
    Best way to keep foot odor away, if you can't stop wearing socks daily; is daily cleaning of foot with salt tip given in this article. Otherwise be ready for food odor problem, if you cannot manage to do above salt tip mentioned in this article.
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