What Makes Us Hungry And Thirsty

Is it possible for us to control our hunger and thirst? What is the basic explanation that makes us hungry or thirsty? This article briefly explains the causes of hunger and thirst in the author's own knowledge.

The feeling of dry sensation to the throat is one of the most common sensation a person could feel is he is thirsty. And the feeling of a growling empty stomach constitutes to a feeling of hunger. But is it true that both feelings are caused by hunger or thirst?

To understand, let us start examining our own blood composition. Our blood normally contains a certain amount of water and salt. The same is true about our tissues. When we are upset for some reason, our blood draws water from the tissues on our body just to keep the

balance in constant condition. When water is removed from our tissues, our brain registers this on its “thirst center”.

When the thirst center of the brain registers this, it will then send an impulse to our throat. Our throat responds by contracting. The contraction of our throat makes us feel that our throat is dry and the resulting feeling is thirsty.

This concept also applies to the feeling of hunger which mainly originates from our brain. The brain also has a separate “hunger center” that sends impulses to our stomach and intestines. The responses of our throat, stomach and intestines acts like a brake system of our body. It tells something that one should do something to balance our body’s health.

When nutrients are plenty in our blood, the hunger center sends impulse to the stomach by slowing the action done by the stomach and intestines. And if the blood doesn’t

have enough nutrients, it sends impulse to the stomach and intestine to be more active again and begin a faster digestion of the food. As the stomach and intestine become more active, the resulting feeling is hunger. We feel that our stomach growls.

Now, back to the question, can we control hunger and thirst? The answer is “Yes” we can (to a certain degree). This is because we can control our hunger based on our existing food supplies. Nature teaches us that the smaller and more active an animal is, they used up their food supply the fastest. A small bird may already starve to death in just five days (hummingbirds will die overnight because of hunger). And bigger animals may live up to twenty days or more.

Another example is that when we are calm, our nutrient stored in our body tissues last longer than when we are excited or afraid.

And yes, there are very few people who can go without food for long periods of time by training themselves to do so. This training is done deliberately through concentration and meditation.

But, it is more difficult to control our thirst as our body constantly needs water to supply to the different tissues to function properly. And some people can also endure the feeling of thirst through conscious efforts.


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