Teaching Babies To Talk

If you were asked what word will a baby first utters, you probably will confidently answer “Mama” (or other similar words of the word mother). The word “mama” seems very easy thing to say, but the truth is, for a baby this process of saying his first word is a very complicated matter. This is because it requires several steps of the baby’s development.

One true fact is that, no other living creature is capable of learn and accomplishing this complicated process of talking. To understand how babies learn to talk, we must understand and learn the process step by step.

First, we a baby is born, his brain resembles like an unwritten pages of papers. There is no information stored there. This is because the areas of the brain that receives outside senses haven’t received nor has the capability to receive outside information. Even if the baby is born with eyes open, the brain nerves that connect into the eyes were not yet fully

developed. And so, a baby’s brain doesn’t register anything at all.

After one or two months, the brain nerves started to developed. The first development happens to the nerves that are connected to the eye. This time, the baby is able to see his mother. As the baby sees his mother again and again, his brain’s visual memory can now register this through his brain. As the baby’s brain now had the ability to recall, the baby can now recognize his mother.

As soon as the mother realizes that his baby can now recognized her, the next thing to do is to keep pointing herself and say the word “mama” at the same time. At first, the baby does not have the capacity to hear sounds. But as the brain and its nerves developed, the baby can now hear the sound of the word “mama” as spoken by his mother. As the mother repeats the word again and again, the baby’s brain registers

this sound to his brain. And in very short time period, the baby is now able to remember and “understand” the meaning of the word “mama”.

By this time, the mother will keep on teaching the baby to speak. She makes this by simply repeating the word “mama” over and over again. The baby now learns to connect the word “mama” and the image of his mother because his brain is now able to connect the visual and the hearing nerves of the brain. This process of connecting several brain and sense functions is called “association”. The baby not only recognizes the face of his mother but also able to connect the sound of the spoken word “mama” when he sees his mother.

The baby now tries to imitate his mother. The word “mama” is now formed in its brain without saying it first. After attempting to say the word many times, the baby’s vocal muscles moves whenever he sees his mother. And finally, after many attempts, the baby is able to say the word “mama”.

And of course, the proud mother would happily replies “My baby had just spoken his first word!

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