Simple Tips In Taking Care Of Your Digestive System (part 1)

As the first step of staying healthy, our digestive system should be well-taken care off. But how can we keep our digestive system healthy?

We can do much to help our digestive system healthy by simply observing some important guidelines. And to be able to do this properly, this article is recommending two groups of healthy practices that are universally accepted to keep our digestive system at full health. The first one is those that pertain to proper nutrition while the second groups are those that refer to our healthy lifestyle.

Proper Nutrition

In proper nutrition, the list below are some of the many healthy tips that one should observed and follow in order to achieved proper nutrition which will keep our digestive system in full


  • Maintaining a healthy balanced diet. A well-maintained balance diet should consist of cereals such as rice; meat which includes fish; milk and other dairy products; and vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods. Food that is rich in fibers includes fruits, vegetable and whole grain products. Eating these kinds of foods will provide roughage which greatly helps in regulating your bowel movements. It also lowers your cholesterol levels which can lead not only to a healthy digestive system but also makes you obtain a leaner figure.
  • Avoid eating fatty foods. Fatty foods are more difficult to breakdown than other nutrients. This will result to extra work for your digestive system. One very good action to regulate the intake of fats is to avoid eating in the so-called fast food chains. These establishments often serve foods that are high on saturated fats and its alternative known as
  •  Eat acidic and spicy foods in moderation; and also includes a moderate intake of coffee and tea. Foods that are rich in acid can cause a thinning of the linings and walls of the stomach and intestines. This step is a precautionary and preventive measure to prevent the development of certain digestive diseases particularly gastritis and peptic ulcer.  
  • Avoid taking foods rich in sugar and salt. As we all know, too much salt can destroy our kidneys and a predisposition of a high blood pressure while too much sugar can later lead to diabetes mellitus.
  • Avoid eating harmful processed foods and synthetic food substitutes. Not only that processed foods losses its nutrition during processing, they also contains huge amount of harmful preservatives. And when looking for alternative food substitutes such as artificial sweeteners, it is recommended to seek for a professional advice.
  •  Drink plenty of water. Our body’s need of water will not only quenched our thirst but also helps in preventing constipation as well as helps in regulating our body temperature. Experts recommend drinking substantial amount of water to keep your digestive system clean and healthy.

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  • abhi_bangal  24-08-2014
    I have heard this advice of drinking plenty of water from many people and many articles. I have also tried these tips and found them to be successful. They aren't there for nothing. Good job!
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