Simple Tips To Minimize Nutrient Loss In Foods

Nutrients in food can be lost if it is handled improperly during storage, preparation and actual cooking. This are article gives you some tips on how to minimize the loss of nutrient during storage, preparation and cooking your favorite food.

No matter how delicious a food was cooked, it is still important to retain its nutrients to ensure one can have a healthy diet. Some foods may seems to be healthy but in reality, its nutrients had been lost or diminished such that it will not be enough to give us our needed diet for the day. In order to retain the much needed nutrients in food, it should be stored, prepare and cooked properly.

  • Essential vitamins (especially vitamin B) are mostly contained in meat drippings, therefore it is wise to make sauces and gravies out of this commonly disregarded part
    of the meat.
  • When cooking rice, it is important that we must remove the husk, small stones and dirt. Because of this, we usually wash and rinse the rice once or twice before cooking. One mistake that many people do is rubbing the grains of rice while washing them. This causes the valuable nutrients on the rice’s surface to be washed-out. Therefore, it is important to consider not rubbing or stirring the rice while washing. Another important factor is that one should remember that some of the rice’s nutrients are washed-out in the rice washing. It is therefore wise to know that you can use the rice washing in making soups, sauces and viands.
  • When cooking fish, it should be done quickly at higher temperature not only to
    retain its flavor but also its juices and nutrients. Avoid frying as it removes the juices as well as it toughens the fish. This is also true in overcooking.
  • To keep hard-boiled eggs from discoloring and overcooking, it is recommended to cook it at low to medium heat. As soon as you knew that the eggs are cooked, immediately removed it from heat and soak it on cool water. This will not only make the egg shell easier to removed but also prevents the surface of the egg yolk turns green.
  • Better to eat veggies and fruits in their raw form. It will not only ensure you that the nutrients are intact but also cut the time for cooking. Just make sure that they are properly washed before eating. If a fruit or vegetable needs peeling, it is recommended to peel it very thinly as majority of the fruits nutrients are located on its outer side.
  • Vegetables are recommended to be cooked in a covered pot with enough water. Cut the vegetables into the required sizes just minutes before cooking them. It is advisable to cook them until they are tender. While cooking, it is not advisable to stir vegetable often.   

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