Simple Tips In Keeping And Prolonging The Freshness Of Your Basic Foods (part 2)

Here is the second part of this two part article. Hope you read the first part as it is as important as this article.

Aside from meat and meat-related products, another important part of our daily source of nutrients is chicken meat. Poultry product such as chicken can be easily spoiled if not handled correctly. Here are some tips to keep the freshness of chicken meat.

  • Just like meat, rinse the chicken meat thoroughly and place individual recipe cuts on separate bags.
  • Place chicken meat on the freezer and not on the other part of your refrigerator. Do not mixed poultry with meat. They should be contained on separate containers.
  • In cooking poutry, the same principles are also applied when cooking meat. Meats coming from old chicken
    are tough and must be cooked slowly at a moderate temperature.

Next on the list is the proper preparation of fish. Fish is the easiest to get spoiled compared to the other two above. Therefore it is important to know these simple steps in the preparation of fish.

  • After arriving from a market with the fish, it is recommended to immediately dress the fish. In dressing, ensure to remove the scales (except if it is intended from broiling) as well are the internal organs of it. Cut it on the desired piece and rinse it thoroughly.
  • Just like meat, place it on a separate bags or container and place it on the coldest part of the refrigerator.
  • Fish has less connective tissue and therefore it can be cooked much easily and faster.
  • When cooking, it is recommended to cooked fish quickly at a high to moderate temperature.
  • Do not overcooked fish as it loses its taste and at the same time tends to break into pieces.
  • If it is needed, acids such as vinegar harden the proteins on the fish which prevents its flesh from breaking.

 Another important factor in our food source is eggs. When storing or cooking eggs, the following simple tips are recommended.

  • Eggs should be stored in the refrigerator or in a cool, dry place. We do not have any problem if
    it is stored on the refrigerator simply because of brands and models already have an intended area for eggs.
  • If eggs are stored outside the ref, it is recommended to wrap it with plastic bags. An alternative for this is to coat the egg with a little amount of oil. This is to prevent the escape of moistures from the egg shell.
  • When cooking, it is advisable to cook it under a low to moderate temperature. This is because when cooking at high temperature, the protein on the egg tends to harden

And lastly, some basic tips for fruits, vegetable, cereals and dried beans.

  • Fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly and drain until dry.
  • If placed on the refrigerator for storing, it is better to put fruits on dry plastic bags with holes on it.
  • Before cooking, it is advisable to freshen wilted vegetables with cold water.
  • Wash first vegetable or fruits before paring, not the other way around. This is to prevent washing out water soluble vitamins on it.
  • When cooking vegetable, cooked them long enough to keep their color and flavor. Avoid overcooking them
  • When storing cereals, store it in a dry, covered containers.
  • You should also protect it from weevils.
  • When cooking dried beans, it is advisable to soak it first in water for several hours to soften it. Use the same water in cooking it so that no nutrients escape or lost.


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