Preparing For A Healthy Mental And Emotional Health

How does mental and emotional well-being and its contributory factors impact one’s personal health?

Health is a personal matter. A person is healthy because he chooses to be healthy. Although there are times when other factors beyond a person’s control affect his health, nobody is accountable for one’s own condition and well-being except oneself.

Personal health refers to the general well-being of a person in all aspects such as physical, emotional and mental well-being. And it is a fact that one’s physical health can affect one’s mental and emotional health, and vice-versa.

The overall psychological well-being of a person is what makes up his mental and emotional health. This probably includes the following: the way he

feels about himself; the quality of his relationships with other; and his ability to express and control his feelings and deal with hardships and difficulties in life.

Both mental and emotional health involves several state of mind which will reflect how well a person functions within his own set of circumstances. Being healthy in your mental and emotional feelings makes you effective in coping up with the stressful situations in life as well as able to adapt to the changes in your environment.

There are several characteristics of a person with healthy mental and emotional health.

  1. A person who knows oneself is often not afraid or ashamed to show his strength and weaknesses. He is also not afraid of failure as well as critics from others. In short, a person with healthy mental and emotional heath is full of self-confidence and high in self-esteem.
  2. As well said above, a person who is in good
    health has the ability to deal with the stress of life, trauma and adversity. It is normal for every person to experience negative feelings such as disappointments, loss, feelings of sadness and anxiety. But a resilient person has able to use his emotional and mental health as a tool to cope up with difficult situation, and at the same time able to maintain a positive outlook of life, and remain focused, flexible and creative at the same time.
  3. A mentally and emotional healthy person has a sense of meaning and purpose in life. He is able to engage in productive and meaningful activities by himself as well as developing the well-being of others. He manages to work effectively as an individual or as a team. By doing this, he will be able to pursue and achieve his goals and aspirations.
  4. He also develops the ability to build and maintain fulfilling relationships with others. A mental and emotionally healthy person knows how to emphasize, trust, and depend on others with whom he can build healthy relationships. He is aware of the need and able to nurture and strengthen relationships with others. He is able to exert the needed effort to make these relationships mutually beneficial and fulfilling.


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