Origins Of Beauty Products And Cosmetics

Did you know that Cleopatra had modernized the use of cosmetics and beauty products? That she was the first ever model of for various types of cosmetics applied to a woman’s face?

The lipstick is one of the most selling beauty product intended for women today. And like other cosmetic products, the lipstick is a result of a chemist’s experimentation. A chemist spent many hours combining the right amounts of ingredients to make the perfectly colored lipstick. In fact the ingredients used can be quite complicated for a very basic beauty product to use.

Today’s lipstick can be made up of different ingredients but some of the basic ingredients had been used for millennia. A basic lipstick ingredient is made up of castor oil mixed with various types of waxes. Cacao butter, lanolin,

mineral oil, petrolatum and other chemicals can be added to it. Natural and artificial colorings can be blended to the mixture to create the perfect color of lipsticks.

In making lipstick, the oils and waxes are grinded and melted together while the colors are mixed afterwards. After the thorough mixing, the mixture can now be poured into molds to which it allows cooling and hardens. The lipsticks are carefully blended and made so that when they are applied under a certain pressure, the tip softens. This allows the lipstick to be evenly applied to the lips.

The use of beauty products by women goes back to early civilizations. Many suggest that beauty products and cosmetics come from the East in countries such as China and Japan. But, these cosmetics had reached its full development when it reached the ancient Egypt. During those times, there were already various kinds of beauty products that had been used in Egypt alone.

The most famous ruler of Egypt that

made cosmetics into new heights was probably Cleopatra. But during those times, the part of the face that receives the most attentions was the eyes. High ranking women and women that belong to the high society often painted the underside of their eyes with green, while the eye lid, eye lashes and eyebrows were painted black. They also used henna to dye their fingernails, palms as well as the soles of their feet.

There are also many other references to which we can read on the use of beauty products in ancient times. In the Old Testament Bible for example, the use of cosmetics can be read as “When Jeru was come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it: and she painted her face….”

Another example is in Rome wherein during the time of Emperor Nero, the use of cosmetics, perfumes and other beauty products are widely used. Some of the cosmetics that they are using include a white lead and chalk to whiten their skin; a paint for their eyelids and eye lashes; rouge for their cheeks and lips (which is probably the earliest ancestor of lipstick). Other beauty products also includes barley flour and butter which is used as a cure for blemishes; a pumice stone used to polish and whitening of the teeth and soaps used for bleaching the hair.

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