Learn To Control Your Anger

Anger is a natural feeling that can be brought about a person's negative feeling towards things, situation or other people. If not manage positively, it can create a negative impact which become unhealthy to all involve.

You might think that venting or showing your fury is healthy and justified. The truth is that anger can damage relationships, impair judgment, and cause a negative impact on the people around you. The moment you burst your anger to someone, it will send a negative impact not only to the other person but also to your own physical, mental and emotional health. Remember that out-of-control anger can affect your physical and mental health career, as well as relationships with others.

The price to pay for anger can be exorbitant, including failure of health or career, and broken friendships. And once

a broken relationship is done, it is harder for you to fix it rather than to cause it. It is therefore advisable to weigh the pros and cons before you show you burst your anger to someone.

Here are some anger management tips:

  1. Explore what’s really behind your anger because anger often serves a cover-up for other feelings.
  2. Be aware of your anger’s warning signs and symptoms. Do this by identifying the negative though patterns that trigger your temper, like obsessing on should and musts and jumping to conclusions.
  3. Learn ways to cool down, such as taking deep breaths and exercising.
  4. Find healthier ways to express your anger, such as discussing with others your feelings and rationale for your hurt feelings.

Developing your conflict-resolution skills can help build and restore relationships. By engaging with others in a healthy and constructive manner, you can build commitments that grow and thrive.

Thus, be willing to forgive and know when to let something go.

As a person, holding your angry feeling can become tiring, especially if they are deep-seated ones. The earlier you cast away the emotion, the better for you and the people around. Destructive feelings can weigh you down and make you look older than your age. Besides, youth comes only once, so anger eats up precious time. Instead of thinking destructive thoughts, spend time on lofty emotions and noble thoughts.

There are several ways to control your hurt feelings before you go hurt yourself further or your loved ones. You can answer “yes” or “no” to these questions as a start of conquering your anger:

  1. I resolve to learn the “trigger signs” that make me angry.
  2. I resolve to consider my physical reactions to my feelings of anger.
  3. I resolve to talk to myself through situations that make me angry.
  4. I resolve to walk away from a heated situation rather than retaliate.
  5. I resolve to express myself in a peaceful way rather than aggressively.

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