Insulin And Diabetes: One Step Forward In Medical History

Know how insulin had changed the life of many diabetic patients. Insulin as we know it today as a result of one man's brilliant mind who never stop finding a way on how to manufacture insulin to help diabetic patients live a normal life.

The insulin is one of the major treatments for the illness called diabetes. Although insulin will not cure diabetes, it keeps the person protected against the major breakdown of the body’s functionality due to this illness. Diabetes is a disease where there is something wrong with the body’s chemistry wherein stops using the starches and sugar to make energy.

Our body has the ability to produce insulin. The pancreas is the major organ which produces the insulin to which the body uses to process the starch and sugar. A person who had diabetes is either not producing enough insulin, stop producing

insulin or does not recognize how insulin will be used. If diabetes goes untreated, the person may suffer from extreme thirst, lose of weight, becomes weaker, and will eventually die due to the complications brought by this disease.

A major breakthrough in the field of medicine gives hope to diabetic patients, when insulin was discovered and is now being manufactured in laboratories. The diabetic now have a chance to prolong his life with the aid of this medicine. The patient can take insulin by means of daily injection. With this breakthrough and a regular diet, the person can have a normal life.

For some time, doctors had already known that a person with diabetes could not make use of the sugar in his body. And they had have already known that insulin is the main factor in processing our body sugar. The problem is that how insulin could be administered and provided to the patients. At first, medical researchers suggests that the answer is simple: by simply giving the patient with insulin which is extracted from a pancreas of a healthy animal.

But this idea simply becomes a failure in the field of medicine as no one was able to extract insulin.

And then, a breakthrough happened in 1922. The achievement of extracting insulin becomes the major achievement of Frederick Grant Banting, a Canadian doctor and scientist. He was born in 1891 near Alliston, Ontario. He is also a professor and teaches medicine in Ontario. One evening, while he is preparing for a lecture on the pancreas organ, a great idea comes to his mind on how he might be able to extract insulin. He then went to the University of Toronto and asked a fellow Professor named John Macleod, the director of a large laboratory in this university. Macleod was fascinated with Banting’s idea and agreed to let him use the laboratory for few weeks.

In May, 1921, Banting started to conduct experiments along with a young graduate student named Charles Best. Both worked day and night for several weeks until they obtained the first insulin from a pancreas of a healthy dog. But this does not mean that insulin can now be used in an instant as it took several months to perform the tests. And on January, 1922, they are able to successfully administered insulin to a young boy who is dying for the disease. This resulted to an immediate improvement in his condition. Other persons were also given insulin and their condition also improved. From this day forward, an important step in the field of medical history was made.

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