How To Prevent And Report Work Related Injuries

An injured worker means a lack of day's work. Therefore, safety and precautions should always be exercised to prevent injuries from happening.

To prevent employees from getting injured, some of the basic steps that can be done are as follows.

1. Safety signs and posters should be posted at various strategic locations within the company premises to serve as reminders and warnings of the possible dangers and hazards that could be present.

2. Safeties are installed on equipments to protect the worker from any possible hazards that may be involved in its operations.

3. No unauthorized person is permitted to remove, bypass, or deactivate the safety devices installed on any equipment.

4. No one may operate any equipment with safety lock out or tag attached to

the said equipment. This includes switch boxes and valves.

5. Any safety device that may restrict or hamper normal operation should be reported for proper action or study. Do not obstruct, deface or tamper safety signs.

6. All work-related-injuries, illness and near miss incidents, no matter how slight, must be reported promptly and if necessary be given proper first aid treatment to prevent any infection.

7. Any unsafe act or condition that you may witness must also be reported so that corresponding action should be taken to eliminate such conditions.

8. Off the job injuries or illnesses must be reported to the company clinic. Upon returning to work, an employee must submit himself to the company clinic for a check-up. He should accomplish the accident report form and submit it to the appropriate department (e.g. Safety-Department) to ensure that all work accidents resulting in disabling injuries or dangerous incidents are properly reported, thus, keeping and maintaining

an accident record for future references.

9. The responsible department like the Safety Department should conduct an, investigation to determine the cause of the accident so that proper and corrective measures can be acted upon. By computing the injury rates, a company can evaluate its safety performances.

10. Use the citation form to call the attention of anyone concerned with regard to any unsafe act and condition seen. A failure by the employee to follow the standard procedures for reporting accidents and unsafe acts could result in serious trouble and corresponding disciplinary actions should be dealt with such person.

11. Accidents are avoidable. Forget Alibi!, use the appropriate equipment guarding. Proper guards must be installed on all exposed rotating or moving parts of equipments. They are provided to safeguard and protect people against the dangers and hazards present.

12. Before operating any machine or equipment, check that all guards are in place. Guards must never be removed while the equipment is running. Moving equipment must be shut off and locked-out before the guards are removed to do any repair or checking.

13.  This can only be done when permitted and all necessary precautions were taken. The guards must be put in place before starting the equipment.

14. And lastly, report any ineffective and defective guards and safety devices for proper repair and/or replacement.


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