How To Handle Anger In The Heat Of The Moment

A person's ability to effectively manage his feeling of anger is a manifestation that he is mentally and emotionally stable.

Life is not all bad, though sometimes many people think the other way. Most of the time, life is a matter of dealing with its difficulties. We know for a fact that life is made up of two opposes realities; joys and sorrows; or fortunes and misfortunes. Awareness of these realities makes life bearable and less miserable. We are able to resort to our coping mechanisms in dealing with most difficult problems.

Part of the process in dealing with life’s blows is family support. As family members show love and affection, no problem ever seems insurmountable. If family members are well-grounded

and backed up by family values, they will not be overcome by stress, paranoia, or depression.

There are times that thing spins out of control. Because of unavoidable circumstances, we lose our temper and succumb to fits of anger. While it is true that feeling angry is a natural part of life, anger, if uncontrolled or unchanneled, can be harmful to our well-being and those around us.

Here are some tips on how to manage anger. These can make a lot of sense and prevent broken relationships, even death.

  1. Step away from the situation. Get some fresh air. Go somewhere to cool down and consider other perspective. This way, your anger will subside and you will be able to think straight and find solutions to your problem.
  2. Take deep slow breathe to relax.
    This will bring your heartbeat and blood pressure back to a normal level. A normal heart beat will keep to calm thus coping up with your anger more effectively.
  3. Consider the big picture. Sometimes, we can be so caught up with trivial matters. Looking at the big picture can help but put incidents into perspective.
  4. Don’t bottle up your anger. If someone does or says something that makes you angry, express yourself freely. Don’t hesitate to speak up. Anger that is left in your heart and mind is like a volcano just waiting to be full and erupts uncontrollably.
  5. Think about why you are angry. Carefully weigh the facts that make you angry. Oftentimes, you will find out that there is nothing to be angered at or it’s not worth it.
  6. Try to make yourself laugh. Find and appreciate the humor or irony in the situation. Sometimes taking positive emotions like laughing can ease up your negative feelings of anger.
  7. Remember that anger is a natural emotion and it too shall pass. Every human being experiences anger. But with time even the angriest thoughts subside.

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