How To Ensure The Best Mental And Emotional Health

Emotional and mental health is essential to the over-all well-being of a person. But how to achieve it is up to you.

Having a group of enjoyable, optimistic, and productive people around an individual and projecting the same virtues predisposes one to good mental and emotional health. But how can one maintain this sound state of mind?

The family is the basic institution that helps develop a sound mental health. Although genetics is also a factor, it is in parental nurturing that an individual’s personal health can be fully realized. One’s first connection to the world, as well as the foundation of personal knowledge, begins with one’s parents. They are a great influence in fulfilling a person’s need and wants.

Feeling connected is essential

to positive adjustment, self identification, and sense of trust in others and oneself. Having friends contributes to a sense of belonging with others. A peer group is useful as a source of information and comparison with the world. Family and friends are two strong support groups that can help a person create a sense of community.

Next step are the school activities which focus on socialization that can be very helpful in promoting the emotional and psychosocial well-being of a student. The psychosocial aspect of a teenager refers to their feelings, thought, and how they view their environment and social relationships. These school activities allow them to communicate their thoughts and feelings through venues that express their concerns, desires and emotions.

Joining school camps, team sports, or small

parties organized by the school builds relationships with others. The concept of teamwork and spirit of sportsmanship is taught early on. These basic knowledge and experience at school can never be taught by parents. Therefore, it is very important for a growing teenager to experience these activities.

Being physically fit also supports good mental health. Certain chemicals that affect a person’s behavior come from the food he eats. Healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and adequate sleep protect against the stress of tough situations and decreases negative emotions such as anxiety, anger and depression.

Cognitive activities that foster intellectual development can also influence the emotional and psychological health. They increase awareness of self-worth. To be achievers in life, people need to be challenged to develop. Every challenge, may it be cognitive or physical in nature, affects a person’s emotional and mental well-being and development, especially if the experience has been very rewarding.

In order to achieve such fruitful and healthy mental and emotional health, one should start at an early stage to which the parents play a very important role.

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