How To Avoid Food Contamination During Food Storage, Preparation, And Cooking

No matter how delicious your food is, when it was not prepared or handled the right way, will lead you to illness. Find some time to read some basic tips in avoiding food contamination during storage, preparation and cooking.

One of the major cause for food poisoning can be traced back to improper handling of foods, whether be storage, preparation and cooking. In fact, most organisms that cause food poisoning come from improper personal hygiene of the individual who handles the food. This article shows some basic tips to avoid contamination of the food during storage, preparation and cooking. This also includes some basic personal hygiene that one must learn, making it a habitual activity prior to handling foods.

  1. Proper washing of hands. Not because you already washed, means that you already get rid of all the germs and bacteria.
    Before handling food ensure that you had washed your hands with soap and water properly. And after you had finished food handling, be sure to again wash your hands thoroughly.    
  2. Practice a habit of keeping your fingernails clean and trimmed. The underlining of the fingernails is one area that most bacteria and germs will thrive and hide, just waiting to be transferred to your food. If you trimmed and cut it down, there will be no more area on your hands that these harmful organisms might hide.
  3. Wearing the appropriate kind for clothes is also a key factor in keeping a clean environment. Be sure to keep and only wear clean clothes during food preparation.
  4. If you are sick with diarrhea, severe cold, or other highly contagious disease, you should not be handling food. Airborne disease is
    highly contagious which can be transferred to the food while diarrhea bacteria can be passed to others in contaminated foods.
  5. Never, ever smoke when you are cooking as food may be contaminated from the cigarette’s ashes.
  6. Never sneeze or cough in front of the food you are preparing. And if you cannot prevent it, make sure to move away from the food.
  7. Aside from fingernails, the next item that bacteria and contaminants thrive is rings and bracelets. Bracelets and rings are one candidate for sources of contaminations.  Make sure to remove these before handling foods. And if you can’t remove them, ensure that you had washed them thoroughly when you washed your hands.
  8. I’m sure many are guilty on this. During cooking, sampling and tasting the food you cooked, always use a tasting spoon. The tasting spoon that had been used for testing should not be used for mixing the food. Contaminants may be transferred from the tasking spoon to the food itself.

Keeping yourself aware of these basic personal hygiene and precautions will have you enjoy the food your eat.

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  • goldstay  30-08-2014
    These are really the basics of preventing contamination when handling food and cooking but many of us would like to admit that we are forgetting one or more of the above tips mentioned. Truly a great reminder for me this day.
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