Guideline On The Use Of Tools And Equipment In Factories

An employee working in a factory is always exposed to health hazards at work. If an employee is not careful in using company properties such as tools, machines and equipments, he is likely endangering himself as well as others. It is therefore very important to know some safely guidelines as this may save lives in the future.

There are various machineries and equipments in different areas in the factory as well as different risks involve in their operations. Systems and procedures were made to safeguard all the personnel involved and to protect them from all hazards that go with the job. Care and maintenance of these equipments are needed to facilitate its efficiency and effectiveness.

The required tools and hand tools are needed for its repairs and maintenance.

  • For every job comes a description wherein the details and hazards associated with the job and all the safety precautions that should be taken are written.
  • Every employee must be
    familiar with them so that all can do and perform their jobs properly and safely.
  • Operating instructions and procedures must be followed religiously and exactly, no short cuts, no speed- ups.
  • The worker should use only the machine or equipment that they are authorized, qualified and assigned to use.
  • Ensure that all the guards and safety devices are in good condition. Inspect and look for any defects and unsafe conditions that may be present in the machine and its surroundings.
  • Always keep your machine and surroundings clean and tidy.
  • Wear the prescribed uniform and the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that may be needed in its operations.
  • Do not leave the machine unattended and turn it off when you are through using the machine. Use the required tools needed in the operation of the machine.
  • Report any unusual operates condition immediately to your superior so that proper action may be taken.
  • Always stop machines before attempting to remove damaged products or package from them and before oiling and cleaning them.
  • Never tinker with moving parts of the machine.
  • Lockout procedures must be followed in case of
    repairs and maintenance. Use the right tool that best correspond with the required operation and force.
  • Be extra careful when using power tools and other electrical equipment. They should be checked periodically by a qualified Technician and make sure that they are adequately grounded.
  • Ensure that your hands are dry and you are working on dry ground.
  • Control and fuse boxes must always be kept closed and clean. Cords must be inspected for kinks, worn out installations and exposed strands of wire before using the equipment.
  • Carry tools in toolboxes, bags or tool belts— not in your pockets or pants’ belt. Keep tools from lying around. Put them back in your kit after using them. Keep tools always clean, free from grease and dirt. Check your tools if they are in their best condition before using them. Have them replaced if they are found defective.
  • Use the right size, shape and type of tool before using. There are various tools for all types of work. Most of all use your common sense and concentration is needed when using your tools. Give them the proper care and they will take care of your work.

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