Getting Rid Of That Stinking, Foot Odor The Quickest Way (part 1)

Are you aware of the health condition called Bromhidrosis? This is one of the many ugly foot diseases that are associated with the stinking and foul odor.

Bromhidrosis is caused by bacteria that thrived on your moist feet. They can also found in dirty socks and shoes that are improperly kept to which they can rapidly multiply.   The bacteria uses the body or foot secretions (perspiration) which consists of some acids, minerals, oils, water and salt and break them down into various elements resulting for the foul odor.

Possibly, the main effect of this foot condition is embarrassment to which you will surely branded as an unhygienic person by others. You may now possibly know this foot condition called “bromhidrosis”. In layman’s term, it is commonly called “Foot


A person having this stinky condition may lose confidence, feels like a loser and a major source of jokes to his friends. But no worries, there are many ways to get rid of the bacteria that thrives on your foot as well as preventing it from extreme perspiration. It takes no rocket science nor expensive medicines nor miracles to get rid of it. Just follow several of these simple tips and before you know it, you have regained your lost reputation.

I had categorized the tips into seven to group them together. If done correctly, the first six groups would cure your problem. And if not, the 7th set of tips might do it for you. This includes:

  1. Observing the proper washing and drying of your foot.
  2. Alternative solution other than soaps

  3. Over-the-counter remedies

  4. Choosing the right foot


  5. Watch what you eat.

  6. Observe your body’s other problems

  7. Seek Medical help


1. Observing the proper washing and drying of your foot. Improper washing and drying of the foot is one of the major causes of this condition. People who are not washing their feet regularly are more susceptible to foot odor. Also wearing foot accessories such as socks and shoes knowing that it is still wet aggravates the problem. Below are some of the important reminder to observe in the correct washing and drying your foot.

* Begin with washing your feet the same way as you are washing your hands. Use an antibacterial soap and scrub every inch of it as well as every tight corners in-between the toes.

* When washing, try to use a foot scrub as often as you can. Foot scrubs cleans better than simply using your hands. Choose a foot scrubs that will not cause other problems on your feet such as rashes and blemishes.  

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  • Dr.Simran  01-09-2014
    Right said joeldgreat, wearing foot socks even in summers, when the temperature is already hot further increase foot odor condition of those people, who are suffering from it; but also causes foot odor problem in those, who was not suffering from it. Because when temperature is already hot outside in summers, your foot perspire more and more perspiration collects in socks you wear in summers and cause itching in foot along with foot odor. 
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