Food Calories Explained

It’s a common fact today that many of the people around the world are gaining weight than centuries ago. With the fast foods just around the corner, people are getting insufficient nutrients from them. And with the modern gadgets available almost everywhere, people intent to get lazy in cooking the right kind of food for their body.

The nutrients in food we eat is measured in calories. And despite the growing numbers of obesity, millions of people are also watching their weight carefully. This is because of the fact that it is not healthy if one is very fat or obese. With the countless illnesses that may come from being overweight, people are starting to count their calories intake. This simply means that one must know how many calories each type of food being taken. Knowing the calories count will help lessen or minimize the intake by each individual.

But before doing this, one must know that dieting

and “counting your calories” intake should have a supervision of a nutritionists or a doctor. But, how does calories affects the persons weight as well as his entire well-being?

First, it is best to understand what “calorie” means. Consider a water on a pan which is being heated up to its boiling point. If you pour water in two pans (having one pan with more water on it) and put them in two identical burners to boil. Science tells us that the pan with lesser amount of water will reach its boiling temperature than the pan with larger amount of water. And even both the water in the two pans will reach its boiling point, we knew that the pan with lesser water receives a smaller amount of heat to boil the water.

A calorie is the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of one centigrade for a one gram of water. Therefore, a one kilogram of calorie with increase the temperature of one gram of water much quicker. The amount of heat comes from the burning of the fuel. In a typical kitchen,

we use fuel in the form of the gas. The gas fuel is used to heat up and cooked our food.

The same goes also with our body. Our body needs calories in order to function normally. Our body is constantly is burning up fuel to keep going. The material use as fuel are the foods we eaten. And when we want to measure the “fuel” our body burns, we measure it in terms of calories, which in real term is a measurement of heat. And most of our foods today, has large amounts of calories in it.

Our body doesn’t care where the calories come from. Its main function is to use these calories in order to function normally. For example, one gram of protein contains four calories while a gram of fat contains nine calories. A typical human body needs between two to three thousand calories a day to function in a normal condition. And these calories goes up and down depending on the work a person does. For example, a stay-at-home housewife may only need two thousand calories a day, a factory worker may need up to four thousand calories, while a track and field athlete will used up more than four thousand calories a day.

And if the calories intake were not used up by the body, it stores them in the form of fats. This is the reason why it is very important to have an experts supervision when one is planning to lose weight.

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