The Facts Of Life In A Human Body

Many of us are amazed with all of the material things that we have today, while others are seeking amazement to other people. But the fact is, our entire human body is full of wonders that we did not know about.

Consider a person weighing 70 kilos; did you know that 50 kilos of these are made up of water? That about 75% of your body is made up of liquid. You may say, “I already knew that”, but better to read on as there are more.

First, our heart beats an average of 4,000 times an hour. This is equivalent to moving more than 300 liters of blood through 20,000 kilometers of piping (called veins). And if you also knew this, then maybe the next few facts are new to you.

Our body contains several minerals and elements to which

you might be amaze how many of which is contained in your body. Phosphorous is one mineral that is abundant in our body. In fact, there is enough phosphorous in us to make a thousand match sticks, enough to last more than a year. The iron in our blood could make a ten medium-sized nails. There are 20 large spoons of salt floating around inside our body. There is enough glycerin to make a fair-sized bomb.

Another important part that makes up our body is fat. There is enough fat to make 50 small candles or 15 bars of soap. Even though we don't often feel them, we have 750 muscles moving the 22 bones in our body. Our kidneys have 450,000 filters to keep

our blood clean. There are some 100,000 hairs in our body and each of them grows half a millimeter a day. If a man never shaved for 50 years, theoretically his seven meter beard would drag on the ground (that would be a good contender for a Guinness Record!).

Our fingernails grow back their entire length in just four months. Our eyelashes last an average of thirty days and each one is automatically replaced. Our eyelids can blink in one-tenth of a second, making it one of the fastest human movements.

In a lifetime of 60 years, a person eats one thousand times his weight in food. All the water we drank in 60 years is about 32,000 liters that in enough to fill a small lake.

A baby can do many things at the same time while he is eating, for example, he can also hear and smell and taste and move and see and feel.

With all of these wonders of the human body, we should not sell ourselves short. None of the most modern computers or electronic gadgets can equal the human brain which, after all, invented all these material wonders.

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