Factors That Determines Our Personality

This article briefly explains the factors which makes us unique from each other in terms of our personality.

Every person is unique and different from one another. Even twins had been different with each other. The differences in behavior and personality are mainly attributed to three major factors. The degree of the differences of each factor varies from one person to another in which determines a person’s personality. These factors are heredity, environment and experience.


When we are born, we inherit a set of genes and chromosomes from our fathers and forefathers. This becomes the factors that determine our heredity. The genes and chromosomes set a limitation to our potential as a person. And the only way to achieve

the full potential of our heredity can be accomplished by the proper use of the environment that we live in and the experiences that we had acquired over the years which is especially true in our various interactions with other people.

Experts in the field of behavioral science had made many attempts to distinguish the importance between heredity and environment on a person’s personality development. In fact there had been a study release in the past that children that comes from poor environments are generally had suffer from a deficient language and intellectual development to which resulted to a weaker personality in terms of emotional responsiveness and inadequacy interacting to other people. However, the study also shows that these children are all equally effective and the weakness varies from one child to the other.

Further study shows that twins who were raised in different type of environment strongly manifest a greater

equality of scores in intelligence tests compared to normal children that were raised in a separate environment.  This only shows that the greater similarity of intelligence between twins can be explained simply because of their similarity of genes. While there is also evidence that the intelligence scores of the children can be influence by many environmental circumstances.

Environment mainly composed of our surroundings which include our family, school, church, social-groups and other group types with whom we interact from the moment we were born. Majority of these groups somehow puts a pressure on us to which we adapt to behave in certain ways as a result of being with each type of groups. Each set of groups has its own our behavior and personality definitely changes according to the situation and with the people we are facing at the moment. Each person will behave differently when they are with their friends, with their family, teachers, working colleagues as well as people who are older or younger than them.

And lastly, our past experience which consists of everything we do or get in touch with as well as the emotional and psychological experiences affects our overall personality. A pleasant experience will result in a positive aspect of our personality while the negative ones can either be both depending on how the person perceives or reacts to it. 

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