Different Kinds Of Milk Sources

Milk is one of the most important food for humans. Not only that babies depend of mother's milk but many depends on animal milk sources.

Since the dawn of time, humans already use milk as a source of food. The only difference is that people living in each region has a different source of milk supply. This includes the following examples:

  1. Majority of the English speaking countries source of milk is the cow.
  2. In Spain, the major source of milk comes from sheep.
  3. In Arabia, the major source of milk comes from the camel.
  4. In Egypt, the major source of milk is the water buffalo.
  5. In Lapland, the major source of milk comes from the reindeer.
  6. In Peru, the major source of milk is the Llama.
  7. And in Tibet, the major source
    of milk is the Yak.

In these different sources, one would ask “Is all milk coming from these animals are the same?” To which the answer is NO. This is because every animal has its own requirements to grow its own young. In fact, all of these animal milk sources are intended for each animal’s young and not intended for a human baby. Since the calf or other animal baby endure a much coarser life than a human baby, it is only essential that the female cow will produce coarser milk than that of the human milk.

Because human had adapted to its environment, a cow’s milk is enough for a baby human can drink and grow. Even though that the cow’s milk has less, sugar, more salts, and four times as much casein, the most important ingredient which is the protein is comparable to that of a human milk.

And many of the

other animals greatly differ in much form, the basic ingredient like fat, protein, carbohydrate and minerals are always present. And no matter what animal will the milk comes from, humans will still obtain the most vital nourishment to grow.

For comparison, let us compare some of the animal’s milk with the other. In this comparison, let us take the cow’s milk with that of the reindeer’s milk.

  • % water : Cow (87%) ; Reindeer (68%)
  • % fat : Cow (4%) ; Reindeer (17%)
  • Sugar content : Reindeer’s milk has about ½ the amount of sugar than that of the cow’s milk.
  • Casein : Reindeer’s milk has about 3 times the amount of casein than the cow’s milk
  • Protein: Reindeer’s milk has about 5 times the amount of protein than cow’s milk

From this comparison, we are able to see some difference in the milk composition in both animal but we see that people who get milk from the reindeer still get along on it without any problem.

Even the cow’s milk varies from every breed, location, health of the cow itself and the time between milking.

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