Common Causes Of Blindness: Cataract, Glaucoma And Trachoma

At any given time, it is estimated that there are more than 30 million people around the world that are blind. And the degree of blindness are often hard to define simply because many of these patients comes from poor countries or do not have access to medical care. Some are totally blind while others can only tell light from dark, while others only see a small fraction of light and a very limited amount of vision.

And of the 30 million blind people, the percentage of born blind is actually a very small percentage. People who were born this way are called congenital-blindness. And even if we are living in a modern world, the cause of this kind of blindness is still a mystery in the medical world. Some theorized that this is because of incompatibility of genes by both parents, as well as the use of harmful substances by the mother during the stage of pregnancy.

But the majority of the blindness that occurs after birth is commonly caused by diseases and illness. Furthermore, other causes

of blindness can be accidents such as explosions, fires and other injuries that directly hit the eyes.

Today, the major cause of blindness amongst people is mainly due to illness such as diabetes and meningitis. The cause of blindness due to eye diseases is far more fewer compared to these two illnesses.

For first world countries who had the best health care and a very high standard of living where people tends to live longer, the main cause of blindness are often cause due to a certain types of eye conditions. Most common examples of these conditions are the cataracts, trachoma and glaucoma.

A cataract is an eye disease that is often coupled with the clouding of the eye lens. The light rays which pass to the eye lens (the transparent part of the eye) become cloudy. And only

a strong light rays are able to pass through the lens. And due to this condition, a person who had cataract can experience a loss of vision which leads to blindness if not treated accordingly. The good news is that, cataracts can be removed and treated through surgery.

The hardening of the eyeball that is caused by the greater pressure of the eye veins inside the eyes is called glaucoma. And like the cataract, glaucoma can be controlled and treated if it is discovered in its earliest symptoms.

Compared to the two eye illness (cataract and glaucoma), the great single cause of blindness is the disease called trachoma. The disease is contagious which is mainly caused by a virus. The virus wrecks havoc to the inner structure of the eye by destroying the inner eyelids. Aside from this, the virus causes the blood vessels to grow over the cornea which resulted to a loss of vision to the patient.

These three eye illnesses can now be controlled through surgery and antibiotics to which a person can be totally treated. The only problem is that there are still many countries that do not have access to modern drug to which these three eye disease can still lead to blindness.


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