Brief Explanation About The Human Blood Types

We all knew the four basic types of blood. But did you know that many people had died in the past because medicine did not knew that it is bad to mix the different types of blood?

We all know that our blood is made up of some basic elements such as plasma, cells, other chemicals and materials. And we also know that our blood differ because of the arrangement and amount of the chemicals that are present on its cells and plasma. There is a great tendency that a person’s blood type is the same with his parents or his siblings. And there are rare occasions that this will not happen due to genetic disorders or compatibility of the parents genes.

To date, there had been four main blood groups (we call it blood types) to which

all human beings belong to any one of them. These blood groups or types are the Type A, B, O and AB. Our blood type is based on the presence or absence of protein molecules as well as the composition of the chemicals present on it.

We now also know that blood can only be exchanged from one person to another as long as they belong and matched to the same group and subgroups. When different blood types or groups are mixed, it will result to blood clumps. This is because of a chemical reaction between different amounts of protein molecules in the red blood cells.

If such incident will happen during blood transfusion, this will result to a dangerous situation in which the person receiving the mismatched blood type may die.

Before humans are able to understand this, there had been many fatalities in the early centuries due to transfusion of the wrong blood type. And because man had been able to understand the different characteristics of blood, this problem had been eliminated in our society today.

We also learn to remove the blood cells, leaving only the plasma. This plasma can be safely transfused to any human regardless of his blood type. This had been important in life-threatening diseases such as the dengue fever to which a patient will receive plasma transfusion if his platelet count will fall into a critical level due to the disease.

Knowing the different blood types on a certain population or society is one method used by Anthropologist who is studying the physical developments and relationships of individuals in a certain society or population.

Even animals have its own blood types to which one cannot be transfused from one animal to another. Each species has its own genetic make-up including its own type of blood brought by the millions of years of evolution.

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